D-link 16 channel power supplly

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High Efficiency and High Reliability


  • Highly Efficient & Consumes Low Power
  • Input Voltage-110VAC-300VAC 47/53Hz
  • Output Voltage - 12V- 1 AMP max per channel
  • Over Heat & Voltage Protection
  • Over Load Protection
  • Highly Integrated SMPS Switcher I.C Design
  • Short Circuit Auto Restart
  • Stabilized Output, Low Interference, Surge Protected

Input Voltage Range



47Hz - 53Hz

Output Voltage

12.0 VDC

Line Regulation


Setup Rise time

< 10 mSec. at 230VAC input.

Hold up time

> 10 mSec. at 110VAC Input

Inrush current

< 50A Peak @ 230VAC Cold start at 25 Deg.

Leakage Current

<0.25mA / 265VAC

Auto Reset

During overload and short circuit

Input Overvoltage Protection

The power supply is withstanding upto 330VAC, without Interrupting

Over Load Protection

Auto restart



Surge protection

4 KV


> 75% at all load conditions with complete AC input Operating Voltage (110VAC - 300VAC).


Metallic cabinet Powder coating mat finish

Store Temperature

-15° to +70° C ambient

Working Humidity

10 ~ 90% RH Non-Condensing

Working Temperature

0ºC to +50ºC with 3.5A, +30ºC Deg with 4.0A